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Goyang Children’s Museum - Goyang Children’s Museum is an educational place that applies various cultural activities and learning programs for children to develop their dreams and imagination.

Visitors’ Guide

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  • Tour the Museum
  • How to Tour
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How to Tour

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Before the tour

Plan the tour with your child so you can have a fun experience
at Goyang Children’s Museum.

  • Let’s talk.

    Plan the tour with your child and get them ready to enjoy the exhibits
    in Goyang Children’s Museum.

  • Let’s explore together.

    Search together for the information you need for the museum tour on
    Goyang Children’s Museum website. Look up the website for information such as location
    of the museum, opening hours, how to book your visit, what kinds of exhibits are displayed,
    and what kinds of educational programs you can participate in.
    You can have a richer experience at the museum if you prepare in advance!

  • Let’s associate and make connections.

    Make connections between the contents or topics you have learned at kindergarten or school
    and the exhibits at Goyang Children’s Museum. Your experience can lead to enhanced learning!

  • Let’s talk about tour etiquette for safety.

    Talk about safety etiquette and let your children understand the importance of these principles
    to enable a pleasant exhibition experience.Let children think about whether it is appropriate
    to run around or eat food in the exhibition room.

During the tour
  • Let’s plan.

    Decide on the tour trails for today after perusing the museum exhibition information leaflet
    at the information desk on the 1st floor of Goyang Children’s Museum. Find out what exhibits
    are displayed on each floor and what kinds of participatory educational programs are offered
    for the day of your scheduled visit. Also understand where picnic room, health room, washroom,
    and breastfeeding room are located. Make plans for what to do if a child ever gets separated
    from the adult in charge.

  • Let’s make connections.

    Talk about how the topics and materials are connected to contents you have learned
    at school or in daily life while enjoying the exhibits. Develop thinking ability and creativity
    by expanding topics of interest to the child.

  • Let’s ask questions to each other.

    Talk and ask questions to each other about curious and fun parts as you go on reading
    the exhibit information panel and enjoying the exhibits.
    This develops curiosity and imagination about the topic of the exhibits.

After the tour

Keep making connections even after going back home
so the experience at Goyang Children’s Museum is enhanced and so that
it leads to continued learning.

  • Use activity sheet.

    Print out the activity sheet from Goyang Children’s Museum and fill it out
    while recalling and talking about the experience at the museum.
    If any questions had come up while looking at exhibits, think about them and search for
    answers together on the Internet or the museum website.

  • Plan for the next visit.

    Talk about what you would like to explore further when you visit Goyang Children’s Museum
    next time and plan for your next visit based on it.