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Goyang Children’s Museum - Goyang Children’s Museum is an educational place that applies various cultural activities and learning programs for children to develop their dreams and imagination.


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Goyang Children’s Museum A journey in search of your dreams and the future

June 7th, 2016
A dream place for children is born!

The museum acts as a playground to enjoy various beautiful cultures
of the world and learn to value the earth through games and activities!
A harmonious playground where children can enjoy and have fun
with family and friends is born.

‘Goyang Children’s Museum’ is ‘Harmonious museum’

and playground where family and friends play together,
enjoy and communicate.

Exciting and fun ‘activity museum’

The museum is truly an activity playground where children can
naturally learn to respect the differences and develop
a considerate attitude while enjoying various beautiful cultures
and value of the world through games and activities.

‘Educational museum’ where children can meet many worlds within our world.

It is a place for acquiring various life skills and knowledge
such as life safety, city environment, culture and arts,
and human rights and a diverse educational playground
characteristically managed by ages and topics.

‘Participatory museum’ living together for the future of Goyang.

It is a participatory playground where children can easily
understand the history and culture of Goyang city we live in
and design the future together.

Come and join this fun journey where children
can meet many facets of the world we live in!
Let us take part in this journey where children
harmonize with the world and dream!
See you at Goyang Children’s Museum