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Goyang Children’s Museum - Goyang Children’s Museum is an educational place that applies various cultural activities and learning programs for children to develop their dreams and imagination.


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The building introduction

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Location 26, Hwajung-ro, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Plot Area 16,463㎡
Total Floor Area 8,492㎡
Size 3 stories above ground, 1 underground level, roof garden
Facilities Activity Exhibition Room, Education Room, Small Auditorium, Breastfeeding Room,
Health Room, Picnic Room, Storage Room, Stroller·Wheelchair Rentals, Cafeteria, etc.

A cultural space that offers many activities for children and families, represents Goyang city. Goyang Children’s Museum

It provides a creative play space to children including infants and
toddlers to experience and explore together with their parents.

It gives children opportunities to actively and autonomously explore
in a diverse exhibition environment of natural ecology,
city environment, humanities and social sciences, and cultures and arts.

Practical amenities are prepared as cultural activity areas
to promote harmony among citizens.

A green garden in the city Goyang Children’s Museum

This green hub within the city is designed to encourage
children to enjoy outdoor activities with family.

Using natural lighting to the maximum, the museum has been
designed in such way that sky is visible from the center of
the building. It has been prepared as an ecofriendly space utilizing
sunlight during the educational activity.

Cares about environment Goyang Children’s Museum

New and renewable energy has been actively utilized
through application of sunlight generation energy.

Children’s safety and convenience have been reflected
as the first priority in everything from design to finishing,
using safe and eco-friendly materials.