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Goyang Children’s Museum - Goyang Children’s Museum is an educational place that applies various cultural activities and learning programs for children to develop their dreams and imagination.


  • Special Exhibition
  • Flower Scent Village
  • Harmonious World for All
  • Hello, Planet Earth!
  • Water Land
  • Baby Forest
  • Baby Trees
  • Animation Factory
  • Architectural Playground
  • Art Gallery

Hello, Planet Earth!

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The importance of small actions to understand and protect our beautiful earth and the global environment! My family is an earth hero!

1. For children

  • 5 ~ 13 years old

2. Activity Contents

  • Average temperature of the earth and the human body
  • Rotation and revolution of the earth
  • Phenomena appearing through rotation and revolution
    of the earth
  • Many countries of the world with different climates
  • The atmosphere surrounding the earth
  • Understand the structure and importance
    of ozone layer
  • Temperature of ocean currents and the earth
  • Understand the flow of the atmosphere
  • What happens when the temperature
    of the earth rises
  • Why the temperature of the earth rises
  • Actions to protect the global environment
  • Eco-energy

3. What can I learn?

  • You get to experience the mystery and beauty of the earth through earth science.
  • You can learn about the preciousness of the global environment.
  • You acknowledge the fact that global environment is something we have to pass on to the coming
    generations after using it for a short time.