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Goyang Children’s Museum - Goyang Children’s Museum is an educational place that applies various cultural activities and learning programs for children to develop their dreams and imagination.


  • Special Exhibition
  • Flower Scent Village
  • Harmonious World for All
  • Hello, Planet Earth!
  • Water Land
  • Baby Forest
  • Baby Trees
  • Animation Factory
  • Architectural Playground
  • Art Gallery

Art Gallery

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Enjoy special exhibition 'A-Mazing day, Today!' where children and all family members can observe and experience artworks as well as feel the playful charateristic of art

1. For children

  • 5 ~ 13 years old

2. Activity Contents

  • Experiencing contemporary artworks
    of artists GWON Osang, AHN Kyuchul and HYBE
  • GWON Osang <Flat>, <Relief> series,
    and <New Structure>

    Artist GWON Osang makes sculptures of various
    shape by utilizing photographs of daily objects
    taken from magazine based on the belief that any
    photograph that can be made to stand may become
    a sculpture. Move around between the artworks and
    the warm and soft space created for children by
    theartist, and find out different images of objects
    that thave turned into artworks!
  • AHN Kyuchul <Double spiral>, <Lingering time>
    Artist AHN Kyuchul helps us to observe and think about sapces, objects and relationships that we commonly
    pass by, without noticing them, through the experience of getting involved with the artworks. Move around
    the maze freely following your own rules, without sticking to set routes or rules, enjoy the pleasure presented
    by the space and feel the invisible passage of time!
  • HYBE <Moment>, <Quartet>, <Leaf>
    What would I have looked like in the past? HYBE is engaged in interactive media art, creating an environment
    for us to take part, as viewers, in completing the works. Meet yourself of the past, as if you're on a trip on a
    time machine, and create your own artwork using cool gestures!

3. What can I learn?

  • Recognizing art that exists everywhere around us
  • Discovering the meanings and happiness of everyday life by observing and experiencing artworks
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